The fees below are effective as of 1 January 2023

Approximate Home Care Package Amounts Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Home care package fundingAnnual$9,179.75$16,147.60$35,138.55$53,268.10
Home care package fundingFort-nightly$353.07$621.06$1,351.48$2,048.77
Basic Daily Fee (Paid by you) *Per fortnight$70$70$70$70
*You may also be required to pay an Income Tested Care Fee, as notified by My Aged Care. Full pensioners and people with an income up to $28,472.60 do not pay an income-tested care fee.
Care Management
Fee (per fortnight)
Package Management Fee (per fortnight)$27.30$54.60$126.00$156.10
Standard hoursAfter hoursSaturdaySundayPublic Holiday
Personal Care (Per hour)$55.00$62.15$65.65$87.50$120.35
Nursing (Per hour)$171.55$197.65$257.30$257.30$428.85
Cleaning and household tasks (Per hour)$55.00$62.15$65.65$87.50$119.00
Light Gardening (Per hour)Max $75.00Max $75.00Max $75.00Max $75.00Max $75.00
In-home Respite (Per hour)$55.00$62.15$65.65$87.50$119.00
Travel cost (i.e. for a support worker to transport you to an appointment, or social outing)Per km$1.10
We no longer charge Invoice Processing Fees (i.e. services from another provider or purchases of items etc) or Exit fees